Our Activity

Porte del Passato s.r.l.

is a company that makes superior quality its symbol of distinction. Each door or piece of furniture is unmistakeably “ours”, each with its own, special features and personality.

The work involved in creating our products is particularly time-consuming and complicated. The first step consists of the selection of the wood to be used, which may either be new wood which is processed for an “antiquated” finish or wood that has been recovered from antique sources (which we have in great quantities). The next step is joining the planks together, matching the grain of the wood and using masterful carpentry techniques, including the use of special joints and methods (for example turned nail fastenings, dovetail joints, etc.) that belong to the traditional processes once used by the great carpenters of the past.

This is followed by the choice of hardware. Generally we use handcrafted, iron hardware (without the use of various alloys) that are shaped using a hammer and anvil in order to create the irregularities, dents and scratches that are typical of antique hardware. The last step involves finishing and polishing. Our method of polishing uses traditional techniques and gives the wood, whether new or old, a patina and an appearance similar to original antique wood. In order to achieve this we pay close attention to the choice of colour, the aging of the wood and the waxes that are applied, changing and perfecting the products we use. Finishing and polishing are extremely time-consuming processes, which require many passages to complete the job.

All of our products (except for our antique objects, obviously) can be customized (for example, a door that is shown with wall hinges in a photograph can also be made for use with a frame; items can be finished in different colours than those displayed on the website, etc.). With regard to handles, we only use top quality brands, including Anthologia, Enrico Cassipa, Bal and Metal Style.

Porte del Passato s.r.l. is a company that is also known for its punctual deliveries and we await you at our showroom where our qualified staff will help guide you on your journey in search of traditional, artisan, Italian-made furniture.