Reproductions of antique italian rustic doors

The use of poplar, chestnut and antique oak wood in their first, seasoned or mature patina gives our rustic doors an antique feeling of original doors, we have studied every aesthetic and constructive detail.

We are talking about doors that aren’t usually very elaborate and which are used for farmhouses and farm buildings, but also for contemporary and urban use like exclusive attics.

The patina with French Polish and wax is skillfully carried out by competent artisans who restore and perfect the application techniques and products.

Perfection in the use of handmade products for the coating and use of antique artisan techniques, makes our doors soft to the touch, with a patina that resembles original antique doors.

All of our reproduced rustic door models are hand crafted and custom-made and can be personalized in shape and finish on request.

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