Reproductions of antique italian main doors

The main door is a very important element of a house because it has to be strong and secure but also beautiful and in line with the style that you want to give to the furniture.

We can say that the main door, characterizes the entrance of the house, and like a business card, introduces us to the inner setting and at the same time is part of the exterior.

Our main doors are made to measure in aged new chestnut or oak wood or old oak with a primary patina.

We apply frames with seals and security closures. Protective treatments are certified and make the wood resistant during its lifetime against the atmosphere.

The coatings we apply perfectly reproduce the effect that time gives to the wood, especially when exposed to the external elements.

You have the opportunity to personalize the models on request regarding shape, finish and choice of locks.

We also apply coverings to reinforced main doors applying panels in wood that are made and treated with our artisan techniques, choosing our models or designs by the customer.

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