Antique italian style wooden furnitures

We use old and old-looking wood to create exclusive furniture both in a classic style and in a more rustic one inspired by the tradition of the Italian furniture.

Our Wood Line furniture is made with aged wood and old wood that we rescued from some old ceilings and floors.

The coatings are made with brushes and natural products, and are finished in wax and French polish and our customers can choose the finish and the level of ageing they desire.

Each model proposed in our catalogue can be made to measure and personalized in shape and coating, still maintaining the cohesion with the style of which the inspiration of the design is about. We also design and make furniture by specific request of our customers.

Every item produced has the charm of the original antique piece of furniture and is able to show the attention with which it’s been made and the love of an artisan work that takes into consideration every aesthetic and functional detail of the finished product.

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